Solstrips – The Original Solstrip


The SolStrip light engine is the first mid-power LED hard strip specifically designed for grow light builders. Built with top bin Samsung LM561 diodes on a high-performance copper-filled, aluminum backed PCB, SolStrips deliver the highest efficiency and diode density of any strip or board on the market. Available in a range of color temperatures (CCT). Three Light Outputs are available, they are measured in kelvin, a measurement of the temperature of light, the outputs are 2700k which has more red in the spectrum. 3500k is an all rounder and 5000k is a blue light,  Our stock lights. come in the following configuration to ensure a balanced full spectrum output (For the SunMini, our 5 strip build, for example 2 x 2700k outside 2 x 3500k inside 1 x 5000k in the center.)

Compare to:

– Samsung H Series H22D x 2
– Samsung H Series HB562D x 4
– HLG Quantum 288 chip board (3 SolStrips)
– Photon Fantom 240 chip Sunboard (2.5 SolStrips)

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Photons for people

Plants and people perceive light very differently from one another. Humans and many other animals use something called photopic vision in well-lit conditions to perceive color and light. Lumens are a unit of measurement based on a model of human eye sensitivity in well-lit conditions, which is why the model is called the photopic response curve (Figure 1). As you can see, the photopic response curve is bell shaped and shows how humans are much more sensitive to green light, than blue or red light.

PAR is for Plants

PAR is photosynthetic active radiation. PAR light is the wavelengths of light within the visible range of 400 to 700 nanometers (nm) which drive photosynthesis (Figure 1). PAR is a much used (and often misused) term related to horticulture lighting. PAR is NOT a measurement or “metric” like feet, inches or kilos. Rather, it defines the type of light needed to support photosynthesis. The amount and spectral light quality of PAR light are the important metrics to focus on.


Additional information

Colour Temperature, Red, Mid, Blue

2700k, 3500k, 5000k