MiniSun – 2x2ft wifi SolStix rack DiY Kit (2′.0 x 2′.0)


The MiniSun

Designed with a 2x2ft area in mind and driven by a meanwell hlg150h 24a or b driver. 5 solstrips of various CCT (correlated colour temperature)  Height available would dictate which way you would want to lean. more red 2700K/3500k or more blue 3500k/5000k. The lights prebuilt will be designed to either of these specifications.  (if these don’t suit your needs head over to our custom builds section. We will gladly assist there).

All of our pre built lights come with our own smart automation system. (as long as you have a smartphone/tablet/pc  etc  it will work with just a few bits to set up to your network out of the box).


The MiniSun DIY kit consists of:

Meanwell HLG-150H 24A driver

Sonoff TH16A and thermo hygro probe.

5 Original Solstix of your choosing.

4 marine grade lifting eye bolts.

Digital voltmeter Ammeter.

2 x 500mm aluminium U channel.

500x300mm perforated aluminium panel.

25 x m3 screws (nylon)

5M 16.5A twin core led cable.

Female 3 pin power cable socket.

(please note) all products are sold in kit form even if you decide on factory assembly we will have to leave a small amount of work to you for legal reasons. This can be as simple as sourcing a power cable separately. (will be available to purchase at the same time from us). Any connectors you wish to use in your own build are at your own discretion. But as there are several ways to wire up units we feel its best left to the end user. (unless you have factory assembly). Thermal paste is recommended when mounting Solstrips to Solstix but not included unless factory assembled.

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The concept for our light design is that it is a truly “Plug and Play” product. Everything needed to run the light is included in the build of the light itself so you can just plug it into a 3pin plug install the eWelink app and control your light and all its settings from your phone. Using the sonoff app eWelink
The SolStix light strips are powered by a driver (Ballast) and a device called a sonoff TH16. The TH16 encorporates a sensor that will give you real time feedback on current room temp in degrees C and Relative Humidity(RH%)
The TH16 supplies power to the light drivers on scheduled timer, allowing you to set your daylight and night time hours, these settings are stored on the device, so your schedule will run even if you don’t have an internet connection, in the event of a power cut the unit can be set to wake up and carry on, when the power comes back on.
For customers that want to automate more devices, for example, heaters, dripper systems, humidifiers etc we can provide a control box, to mount outside the grow area, which can contain additional sonoff products. These can be linked via the eWelink app to the temperature and humidity values reported by the light and switch on and off additional devices to maintain things like constant temperature and humidity.