The Original Solstix – Heatsinks & Strips


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SolStix combine SolStrips and our custom-fitted SolSinks to create the building blocks of open rail-style lamp designs. SolStix are custom-sized and tapped to fit SolStrips and include additional tapped holes at each end to allow them to be easily attached to common 1” angle aluminum rails.

The most common question gardeners have when considering a SolStrip system is, how much light do they need for their space? Because LEDs are so much more efficient than high-intensity discharge (HID) and florescent lights, the traditional rules of thumb for light intensity, expressed in watts per square foot, aren’t applicable to SolStrip systems

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Current state-of-the-art white LEDs are up to 50% more efficient than HID lamps such as metal halide and high-pressure sodium lights. That huge boost in efficiency not only means more light per watt consumed, but also less heat given off by the lamp. SolStrips leverage that efficiency further with distributed diode technology, which spreads the light emitters, and the heat, across a much larger area than HID lamps or even COB lights.

Together that means that SolStrip lamp systems deliver more light per watt and can be placed much closer to the canopy, where they will deliver that light much more evenly and coolly than HID lamps. All  of these factors must be considered when estimating light needs using SolStrips.  Our Solstix distribute the heat produced away from the LED diodes, ensuring long effective light production. Strips are affixed to the Stix using thermal paste and nylon screws (M3 x 4mm), they are soft so can be easily cut to length. (neither are provided by us)

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