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**Proud to be the only Authorised UK Dealer for the Original Solstrip **

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Fully assembled systems and complete DIY kits to suit your custom needs, featuring the SolStrip light engine: the first mid-power LED hard strip designed especially for growers, reef tank and vivaria enthusiasts.

Solstrips co UK was born from the need to bring cutting edge LED lighting to indoor gardeners and exotic animal keepers, to help them grow better and keep healthier corals, fishes and reptiles while reducing energy consumption, incorporated into sleek and rugged lamp design.

Metal Halide and High Pressure Soduim

They were the growers favorite as far as lights were concerned, Now however new technology has hit the Indoors Gardening world in the form of a new generations of LED’s (yep same as the little lights in the kitchen ceiling) and one properly made light is suitable for the whole growth cycle from seed to harvest

LED’s are More Efficient, Cheaper to Run, Cooler to Operate, No Clunky Ballasts and infinitely more controllable.  With recent devices becoming “Smart” that means we can monitor and control our environment from anywhere we have a smartphone and an internet connection.  We are taking advantage of these massive changes  and offering this new technology bundled in a modular “Plug and Play” format.  Simply choose from our SolSun Range and make your choice of SunControllers, available either fully assembled, or, in kit form. to assemble to your own design.

SolStrips deliver the highest efficiency and diode density of any strip or board on the market. Available in a range of color temperatures (CCT). Three Light Outputs are available, they are counted in kelvin, a measurement of the temperature of light, the outputs are 2700k which has more red in the spectrum. 3500k is an all rounder and 5000k is a blue light,  Our stock lights. come in the following configuration to ensure a balanced full spectrum output (For the SunMini for example, our 5 strip build, 2 x 2700k outside 2 x 3500k inside 1 x 5000k in the center.)

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